Android provides google search bar in home screen by default. Most likely your Android phone uses the Google Experience Launcher. If that is the case - and you might as well try this anyway - disabling Google Now will make the Search bar disappear

See my home screen.


In android, some devices have google search bar in home screen by default.
Some times it’s create problem for you and you can remove google search icon
from home screen to follow below steps.

1.      Open settings on your device
2.      Now open Application Manager.
3.      Swipe to the All tab
4.      Locate and tap Google Search
5.      Tap to disabled button. Now tap OK to dismiss the warning.

After follow above steps you can see you’re your home screen


If you want to enable google search bar follow below steps

1.      Open the Google Play store on your device

2.      Search for Google Search

3.      Locate and tap the entry

4.      Tap the Enable button (Figure B)

5.      Tap Open

6.      Walk through the Get Google Now wizard.  


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