Google contains information about your previous searches partly to improve its search suggestions and products such as Google Now. But that also means that when you begin to tap in a search query it will display your previous searches, and some of us might prefer to keep that hidden. Here I am telling you to remove or disabled history on browser and your google account.

Follow below steps to disabled or remove history from your account.

1.      Launch google and open google settings

2.      After open google settings , Now open Account History 


3.      Within Account History select the first option - Web & App Activity. (Also here are options to manage your YouTube history.) You'll find Web & App Activity is turned on by default, so tap the tickbox to pause web history. 


4.      Now Off your setting


5.      Google will prompt you to confirm this is what you really want to do, so click Pause to confirm this change. 

Now your web and app activity off. Your history will not be saved.   


  Modified On Dec-06-2017 07:36:35 AM

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