Android handsets are much competent however if user still needs to replace their keyboards both Android as well as iOS users have the option to opt for the third party replacement. In android have multiple language keyboard such as Hindi, English, Chinese etc.

For example we are searching anything’s in google and we want to search our own language then we have need to different keyboard.

Here I am telling you how to set different keyboard.

Step 1-: You can set different keyboard before use keyboard

·    Launch Settings then Choose  Language & Input 

How to change your Android keyboard 

·     Now you can choose your language or changes current keyboard 

How to change your Android keyboard 

Step 2-: You can also change keyboard when you are typing to follow some steps.

·    Swipe on top to bottom and click on Choose input method. 

How to change your Android keyboard 

·    Now you can change your keyboard which you want to select



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