In windows OS you can install and uninstall application according to your purpose. If any programs you are not using in longer and if you want to free up space on a drive, you can uninstall programs you're not using. To uninstall program in windows is very simply but you must be sure that you want to install your apps.

Follow below steps to install your program

1.     Open Control Panel  

·        In windows 7

 Press start button and open Control panel

·     In Windows 8

Press start button and type to search Control Panel 


2.     Go to the program and click in Uninstall a program



3.      Now double click in your install program which you want to install from your system 

4.      It will be sure to install this program from your system permanently


5.      Now choose ok then it will be uninstall this program permanently from your system.

  Modified On Dec-05-2017 12:06:44 AM

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