‘My Computer’, the favorite and most used icon in Windows OS desktop is not included in latest Windows 8.1 or 8 by default. Also, as you know these operating systems will boot directly into metro UI mode instead of desktop mode. Even though you can make Windows 8.1 to boot into desktop mode directly, but still the computer icon will be missing in it. Here is a simple and quick way about how to show my computer icon on Windows 8.1 and 8 desktop.

In windows 7

1.      Open start button and open Computer

2.      Right click on computer now show a window

Click Show on Desktop

Now My Computer icon will show on desktop

In Windows 8

1.      Go to your Autohide taskbar and choose settings  

2.      Select Personalization

3.      Now open a window and choose Change Desktop Icons. 

4.      After click Change Desktop icons then open a window and check Computer


Now My Computer icon will show on desktop


  Modified On Dec-04-2017 04:33:18 AM

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