Where to Find More Dissertation Participants

Where to Find More Dissertation Participants

If you ask any Ph.D. student what the most challenging part of conducting their dissertation research is, they will tell you it is recruitment. Finding people to take part in your study is not always easy as one has to commit their time and effort to convince strangers to lend a helping hand in your research by filling in surveys. We speak with Cody Rhodes, a learning specialist behind EssayZoo, and prepared several places a graduate student can find more dissertation participants.

The campus surrounding

 One’s campus is a great place to find dissertation participants. Sending people links to your survey may seem simple but at the end may prove futile, as most may not bother clicking on it. Thus, to avoid this uncertainty, you should approach students around your campus for help. Pick busy areas such as the library or lunch areas and introduce yourself and your research to as many students as possible to get their attention and help you with your survey.

The internet

 You can advertise your research on various survey forums on the internet. Various forums such as students’ forums, advertisement websites such as craigslist, Survey Circle, and Call for participants among others are places where you can recruit participants to your survey fast, and free. Place your survey advert on the volunteer or researchers tabs and submit details of your study together with a direct link to your inquiry and the qualifications of the participants you want. With these online websites, you are guaranteed of finding participants.

Social media

 Another way of finding participants to take your dissertation survey is via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter among other social media networks. When focusing on a particular population, Facebook groups can come in handy to gather your participants. Other groups are purposely developed for individuals to exchange survey links, and one has to do other people’s surveys to get participants to complete yours. Approach group administrators with your inquiry and courteously asks for their permission to recruit their members to become your research subjects.

Referrals from your current participants.

 Asking your current participants to refer people to you is another place where you can find more dissertation participants. When researching a specific group of people, the participants can be an asset in referring you to other potential participants who are similar to them or offer the same services.

Integrated recruitment services

 Different companies offer integrated recruitment panels where you can access a specified group of participants for your research. Companies such as Optimal Workshop, User Testing, Usability Hub, User Zoom and Validately among others can help you access the type of research participants you want at a cost. Such companies are crucial to your research as they help to collect data on your behalf as you sit and wait for the results.

Your telephone contacts

 Your contact list in your phone is another place you can get research participants. Friends, colleagues and family members may fail to link to your survey and answer the different questions. However, you can call them one by one and conduct a phone survey. Phone conversations are a more natural way of making people receptive, and when you ask the different question in the form of a conversation, you are guaranteed of answers.


 Recruiting participants for your dissertation survey is a complex activity to undertake. However, the above areas can help you access more dissertation participants.

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