Although all brands are now investing more in customer satisfaction than ever before, leaders are investing even more in employee satisfaction. Pioneers like Google, Amazon or Volkswagen are convinced that beyond being trained, teams must have the desire to create exceptional customer experiences. This desire goes through satisfaction internally. 


Do you know the symmetry of the attentions? This principle tells us that the quality of the relationship between the company and its customers is equal to the quality of the relationship between the company and its employees. Companies that make their employees happy would better satisfy their clientele . In the case of the company Customer-Centric, and the use of customer reviews to motivate and involve its employees, it becomes interesting to address this concept. Knowing that it is easier to reproduce a behavior that we have already received, a well-rounded and motivated employee would put himself fully at the service of customer satisfaction. 

Growing up, progressing, learning, contributing, developing, participating, ... so many verbs of action that will allow everyone to find something to be motivated to work in his company. The below infographic from Maiden Stride explains  Why Employee Satisfaction Drives Company Performance-

Why Employee Satisfaction Drives Company Performance

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