There is hardly any area where the computer is not used. One who has not enough knowledge of computer is considered as with less talent and hence does not get enough opportunities for better employment. In the market, the use of a computer is not restricted to the use of MS office, and there are many areas where one needs to have command on programming also. In the area of programming also the C is known as the most useful language and many packages, as well as programs, depend on this language only. The moment HR is provided with the requirement of an employee with the knowledge of C, he has to arrange for a test where the knowledge of C language can be checked which is otherwise not possible to know by any other means. Even a round of personal interview may not be that helpful to know if the candidate is well-versed with C or not.

Every information and facility is now available at your fingertips. All you need to do is click or double-click, and your data is ready for you at your service. It is made possible due to the boon of technology. In fact, this is only improving with each day. However, another factor which has seen a rapid increase in the world is population. This is not specific to any one of two nations but pertains to the planet as a whole. Unemployment has also been soaring, but IT is a field which sees a maximum number of aspirants whenever you study a job opening or interview. This is why, with so many candidates, you need to be sure that you only pick the best and someone who knows their work well. After all, you will be paying them a high salary for their work at your firm. Also, their skills can take your enterprise to another level of success, fame, and perfection.

About C#

C# is an Object-Oriented Programming language that is meant for general use. It is the key to key to developing modern applications which can run on the computer screens. Other than this, it is also of great aid if you wish to develop high-quality back-end processes that are known to power and give energy to the modern web applications. The most important quality that you should be on the lookout for in case you ever wish to hire a C# developer is that he or she must have the ability to develop and build a wide number of safe, secure and robust applications. These must run on the .NET system. But, how must go about it? It is actually very simple. Without thinking too much, you can put your candidates ahead for a test. This test will help you to note and measure a number of things vital such as the knowledge of the applicant in terms of the basic of C# programming, his or her proficiency in terms of object-oriented programming, his or her algorithmic programming skills while making the use of C# and lastly, level of expertise in advanced subjects such as LINQ and Collections. What may motivate you ahead to go for these tests is the fact that leading companies all over the world resort to them when they are recruiting because they need to ensure that they are able to ensure their top rank in the market and this is possible only when they have the most efficient staff and workers in their kitty. Keep reading ahead to know important details of the SEO 2018.

Important facts and pointers that must be kept in mind:

These are tasks which are handed over to the candidates. The duration to be done with the tasks is 60 minutes. This means that it is a one-hour test and that is the time frame within which application need to read their work as well as be able to successfully complete it to be in the running for the position applied. It is an all-around way if you wish to evaluate not only one’s present set of knowledge but also his basic concepts and ideas that he will bring with himself to your company. There are 20 items which are divided into four segments:

• 10 MCQ (multiple choice question)/ MCA (multiple choice answers) that will focus primarily on the basics of C# programming.

• 3 MCQ (multiple choice question)/ MCA (multiple choice answers) that will pay maximum attention to know about the candidates’ clarity regarding the concepts of Object-Oriented programming.

• 5 MCQ (multiple choice question)/ MCA (multiple choice answers) that will revolve around advanced topics that have already been stated earlier in this article.

• Two problems with hands-on coding. The first one of these two will try to examine the debugging skills while the second one is more focused on problem-solving and development skills.

The difficulty level is usually kept moderate because if it is too simple, then it will defeat the entire purpose and though behind the test. On the contrary, if it is too difficult, then bright and, eligible candidates may also fail to pass it, and the company will then be at a loss. In fact, this test goes by the feature of being a test designed for C# but, you can also use it when you wish to hire a software developer or a junior C# developer.

This is a very hassle-free process. All you need to do is get in touch with a developer of such tests. They have a pre-built examination for your use. To explain it in short, it is a four-step process. First, you add the test to your routine. Then, you share the link of your test with all the applicants through the mail. Following this, the candidates take the test as per their convenience or according to you if you have specified time and date. Lastly, you get their test reports and can also have details of their performance in each of the four segments.

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