Undoubtedly, when it comes to web development then WordPress is no less than a king! It has been noticed that more than 27% of the internet is being powered by it and even the top-notch brands like TechCrunch, CNN, UPS, and many such more use it persistently. One of the foremost reasons behind such a buzzing image of WordPress is nothing but its user-friendliness. It becomes quite convenient for the novice website admins to make any mere update to their website starting from the text changes to blog posts.

Moreover, WordPress even offers a huge library of plugins to its users and thus it easily becomes completely customizable as per any web-development need. Also, all such websites which are being designed based on WordPress tend to be extremely mobile and SEO friendly.

So, the eulogize for WordPress can go on and on in an unending way! However, won’t you be interested to know what’s coming up next in WordPress? Well, after the latest WordPress version which included various unique and advanced widgets for adding images, audios, and videos to your website, it is expected that WordPress is going to come up with a lot more exciting stuff in the upcoming 2018!!

Want to know what? Then, here’s what you can expect:  

1. The Drag and Drop Concept  

This feasible and manageable concept of web-development is really so amazing. Last year we’ve seen a rise in the number of drag and drop themes. And, it is expected that with the arrival of 2018, the scenario is going to become even more common!  

Well, if you are a website owner then it will let you hold a complete control over most of the designing elements of the website without creating any code. If you want to make any modification or editing on your website then this astounding concept would enable you to do so without any hurdle.

2.Video Headers of Wordpress

It is an undeniable fact that the world of web-design is going to get dominated by video headers in 2018. Well, such headers and backgrounds might not seem to be something which is very unique but with each passing day, it is becoming a trend when it’s about web-design. WordPress would certainly help you to get on board while taking this trend into consideration and offering the themes that feature the video headers.  

3.WordPress Plugins based on VR

There is no doubt in the fact that the web designers and developers are on-pace to include Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in various web-designs. And, WordPress is absolutely compatible with Virtual Reality content along with the images and videos which are 360 degrees by nature. Although there are several such plugins already available in the market such as MomentoPress, WP-PR view etc., in 2018 it is expected that more advancements would be noticed regarding this in different WordPress websites.  

4. A great E-commerce Experience

Well, WordPress and E-commerce go hand-in-hand!! And, as per Sell with WP, e-commerce plugins are present in almost 505,409 WordPress websites. Isn’t that a lot of online stores? So, it becomes quite mandatory for WordPress to remain updated with the e-commerce trends. We’ve already seen a lot of such extremely smart trends like subscription services, mobile shopping, personalized shopping experience and many more. And, we can certainly anticipate to see some more innovative trends in the coming year.  

5. Advancement in Parallax Design or Scrolling

This trend has been extremely effective over the time for making the one-page websites more responsive. Parallax Scrolling is something that is used by almost all kinds of websites. So, due to its such a popular image it is envisaged that the developers would come up with some of the high-tech enhancements within the same in 2018 to create an extremely immersive impression of depth when it comes to any website.  

6. Betterment in Responsiveness of Website

To bring up the ‘Responsiveness’ factor in your website is quite necessary if you want to run a successful online business. For example, it is quite a common fact that mobile users are more in number nowadays than the desktop users. 

So, you can find most of the websites open up via mobile phones. And, WordPress already incorporates so many mobile-friendly themes which are extremely responsive and are being supported by almost all kinds of mobile platforms.  

Further, experts are predicting that WordPress would rise afresh with much more such attributes in the next year which would definitely make your website tremendously reactive. And, finally, it will boost up your business like never before!  

Welcome 2018 with a quintessential WordPress  

There lies the slightest amount of uncertainty in every prediction!! But, based on the current storyline of WordPress in the market I genuinely believe that the aforementioned trends are really going to take over the world of web-designing.

So, if you are owning a website then hold your breath and just wait for a bit more. Some extraordinary WordPress trends are coming ahead to skyrocket your online presence!! 

About Christopher Meloni: Christopher is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. Neil is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.


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