The internet brought some good tidings to the writing industry. Whether you are the old school writer who is comfortable with a pen and notebook or are the tech-savvy writer who cannot deliver without a laptop, you stand to gain a lot from the writing applications that have been devised. But the question of which app or set of apps are best for writers sparks a huge debate in all instances that it’s asked. Every writer seems to have their own preference for apps. But since every writer works differently and takes on different tasks, the different choices are justified. However, regardless of the task and nature of work, some apps are a good fit for virtually all forms of writing. In light of this, here are some six apps that are worth downloading.

1. Zoho Writer

A word processor is one of the primary tools that a writer needs. Microsoft WORD has been the most popular word processor that has been for a very long time. If you'd like to have an experience of another word processor that delivers just like it, but more conveniently, Zoho Writer is your best pick. Zoho Writer has been regarded as the best word processor in the market owing to its easy to use interface. You can even access it online, or at the comfort of your own mobile device. The word processor can be accessed as an online tool or downloaded as an app via an app store. This brings in an element of flexibility to your writing, whereby if you don’t have access to a computer, then you might as well just use your phone for a writing task.

Zoho Writer boasts of a wide array of formatting options coupled with top-notch collaboration features. If you were initially hooked on MS Word, you could have the best of both worlds. There's a plugin that lets you integrate Zoho Writer to MS Word.

2. Ywriter

For those writers who have a soft spot for novels, sometimes, you could get carried away with your work and fail to notice that the word count is already high. This is every novel writer's Achilles heel. After it hits you that the word count is dangerously high yet you haven't even broken up your work into sections, subsections, chapters, and scenes, you may start panicking. It's when you realize that navigating through blocks of text to break it into parts is a tall order.

We have an excellent solution for all novel writers, and that is the Ywriter app. How would you feel to indulge yourself in writing your favorite novel without having to worry about pausing to segment your work? This is the experience that you are bound to have with Ywriter. It may sound like a general feeling, but for all novel writers and by extension those who have long write-ups, the feeling is sure real.

The Ywriter app lets you focus on writing as it breaks your work into chapters, scenes, and sections. It enables you to track any changes that you may have made on a daily basis through log files.

The app also has a superior editing feature. You can be able to access your scenes or chapters or other sections of your work by just dragging and dropping them. You hold all prerogative as to the final organization of your work. The great thing is that the app is tailored to work to your specifications. It is best for segmenting and changing the overall organization of your work. Make it part of your writing arsenal today and enjoy the benefits.

3. Evernote

Just as the name of the app denotes, this is a typical digital notebook. It lets you take note of anything and everything that is relevant to your writing. At times, one may be working on multiple tasks. In other instances, one might require a work schedule or a to-do-list. A significant idea may surface randomly in the course of our daily activities. You might be attending a writer's guild seminar, and you may find the strategies being discussed are applicable in finishing your stalled book. In all the above respects, Evernote is your friend and is the best tool you can use.

The convenience that Evernote gives to researchers is timely. One could be undertaking online research but may lack a place to save their findings. Evernote lets you save these findings.

Evernote is an app that will aid your writing work in a wholesome way. You can share content easily via social media thereby enabling you to seek opinions and peer reviews of your work. The app can be installed on both Android and iOS platforms. You can even sync all your content across various devices for more writing versatility.

4. Ulysses

For every blogger in the house, you’d be glad to know that you are covered. The developers of Ulysses recognized the special needs that you bloggers require as you try to create captivating content. The app gives an all-around design and a touch of simplicity which offers an easy and minimal user interface. It consists of a text-only editor that directs all attention to the content rather than format and layout.

If you use a WordPress blog, this app can be a great addition to your writing tools. You can start working from Ulysses and after that post your article directly to your WordPress blog. This is a great convenience for your blogging activities.

5. The EssayWriter

Proofreading is a necessary element of writing. It can be disastrous if one submits work that is not subjected to any form of quality, grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity check. You can proofread your work or let someone else proofread it. Arguably, this is the best and sure way of checking your work against the elements mentioned above. No app can beat a human proofreader. Even so, TheEsaayWriter can be a good alternative. This app has a spell check, grammar checker, plagiarism checker and also gives you several suggestions for better clarity in your work. The essay writers who need critical analysis of an essay can use the premium version. The feedback level that the app gives is real-time thus enabling you to perform the said checks swiftly. It is available as a desktop application and also as an online app.

6. The Hemmingway App 

No writer can assert that they have achieved full mastery of the English language. We are all bound to make some mistakes here and then. The good thing is that we don’t have to write using a dictionary by our side to ensure that there is complete harmony in our choice of words. The Hemmingway App is a handy app that enables you to check against long and complex sentences to ascertain that they are grammatically correct. It literally highlights these sentences and lets you track changes.

The app is a great tool to check for unnecessary words. It enhances clarity to make your write-up more targeted. Most importantly, it helps you polish up on your English thus making your work have an impeccable command of the language.

The beauty of these six highlighted apps is that they are free and accessible on multiple fronts. Whichever form of writing you do, these apps will ultimately get your craft done. You can use them jointly to enhance your content on a whole new level. 

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