It is renowned to everyone that Android phones are dominating the global market as there so many reasons behind it. However, Apple has systematically maintained a healthy share of the worldwide market despite having solely a couple of relative minuscule variety of devices on sale annually. 

Predilection towards technology towards operating system

For the past few years, September has been the month once Apple unveils its new iPhones. Whereas an Android smartphone is launched virtually daily of late, Google conjointly typically introduces one Nexus phone a year, generally in Oct. alongside new hardware, this can be conjointly the time once each firm unleashes the most recent versions of their mobile operative systems.

Both firms have, over the years, created robust cases for why a user ought to opt for them. This implies that a typical iOS versus humanoid discussion may run on for hours. Over the years, each operative systems are filling the gaps, and humanoid has become a lot of polished over time, whereas iOS became a lot of versatile.

So the point is with which operating system a user should go on? This article will definitely help in understanding over choosing over the best operating system.

Android operating system

The Android operating system gets its upgrade in a specific duration of time the current version in android is Oreo 8.0. Within past few years, there has been a hike in the performance level. Well, there are so many variants and option in android phones as there is a new launch of an Android phone every day. The android phones start from 3000 rupees and one could have decent smartphone model by paying 10-12 thousand bucks.

Enrich in application

It’s so true and is one of the biggest reason why Android phones are having a tremendous number of users. Android phones are enriched in the application if compared to any other operating systems currently available. Android application store generally the google play store offers so many application which is rich in functionality and are also free of cost.

Predilection towards technology towards operating system

Google friendly

As Google develops the Android operating system so the user of the Android handset never misses the chances of gaining any benefits from Google. The users are more google friendly if compared to other operating systems available in the market.

Innovative handsets

If you are reading that there are new Android handsets launching Daily then it’s very obvious that the market too is stiff among android phone making companies. However, apart from the budget smart, there is a long list of premium android phones also which ranges a bit higher but are enriched with everything as well. For example, Samsung s7edge, google pixel, one plus, LG g5 and much more who are edge ahead in their race of market.

Universal charging spot

Well, it’s not a  big point but it’s an important one as every smartphone user faces the phase of rapid battery drain. By universal charging spot a user gets comfortable while placing charger on his device if he lost one earlier.

IOS operating system

Till now the performance and functionality of Apple iPhones are considered better even if they are compared to top premium android phones. iPhone screens felt much smoother and fast while operating.


iPhone is typically designed and that’s the reason that chances of getting affected by any type malware are very less in it. If we talk about it review on providing security its damn good. iPhone users are highly satisfied with the type security it gives to them while they are sending any important documents or if they are making any financial transaction from their device.

Consistent hardware upgrade cycles

Many iPhone loyalists typically continue a 2 to a few year upgrade cycle. The reliable software system updates also are Associate in Nursing incentive to stay to your current iPhone, knowing that you will get a similar software system options because of the new one (unless they are hardware-dependent). 

Predilection towards technology towards operating system

Specific models

There are very specific models in of iOS generally the iPhones, iPad, iPod and MacBook through which you don’t get confused about opting over. Recently Apple launched its iPhone X which has created its craze once again and is being loved all over the world.

Creative application

iOS offers so many creative application which helps the users doing creative activity in simple ways. There are so many applications such as iMovies which lets the user edit and create a video in an amazing way also its apps let the user do creative stuff in an ardent way.

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