A theme that has stood out in all the schedules of meetings in the day to day of the companies, has to do with the management of risks in IT, going much beyond the preoccupations only of the own department of IT. This is because organizational routines and processes become more and more dependent on the resources offered by technological tools, which, as they expand, become indispensable in people's lives.

Very often, CEOs are charged to establish practices that can provide the guarantee and continuation of operations that are supported by the IT sector. This is due to the huge list of risks that generate great damages and that grow more and more, ranging from simple problems to constant bigger problems. Risk management in projects and operations makes it possible to better understand the nature of what should be done, involving all team members, in the search for possible problems and vulnerabilities, responses and prevention actions.

What makes risk management essential in the organization are the factors it generates, such as technological advancement, increased competitiveness and economic conditions. For this reason, we can say that the survival of any organization is directly linked to working very well with the possible uncertainties of the business, even in the IT sector.

After all, how to reduce and monitor IT risks?

How do IT risk management processes work? The processes that are developed in IT risk management where they exist, some purposes that serve to guide their functioning, such as:

  • Mitigation of problems and claims;
  • Prevention of virtual attacks and theft of information;
  • Backup and restore critical data critical to the business;
  • Ad equations in the IT infrastructure and organizational structure in order to support the other IT risk management processes;
  • Inclusion of measures and risk assessments in the IT Master Plan;
  • Guarantee of operation of the systems and activities related to them;
  • Among others.

How are they made or put into practice?

The way the risk management process is applied in the IT area depends a lot on the company you are applying because it will be made according to the requirements, needs and resources required. For example, investing in an IT infrastructure to ensure continuity of operations through data backups, backups, and other types of resources are things that require high investment.

In this case, the only feasible solution would be to hire and lease an infrastructure especially for this, although there are several companies that offer restoration and backup services. There are some actions that can be put into practice while planning the measures and processes that are necessary for risk prevention and relief. They are:

  • Establish levels of access to company contents according to criticality, importance, relevance and other criteria;
  • Limit / prohibit access to the internet or specific websites and pages;
  • Require certification or validation of access to the company's systems, being done through login and password;
  • Give lectures and presentations where the best practices will be shown to access the company's IT equipment;
  • Adopt solutions that can protect the system against external attacks or unwanted content that are harmful;
  • Hire IT services in Dubai that assist in certain processes, such as implementing control systems, monitoring risk, and, as mentioned earlier, backup and restore services.
  • Plan and standardize reports and controls to assess the success levels of the IT risk management processes employed.

We need to be aware that all risks can and should be identified, analyzed and treated as best we can, whether they should be addressed, mitigated or accepted. It is not acceptable for a risk to take the project team by surprise, triggering reactive actions on the part of the project, the risks must have the whole plan of action drawn, and all must be aligned on this plan and ready for action whenever the risk in the design, providing a delivery as close to perfect as possible.

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