December is just around the corner and strategies for selling more at Christmas are at full throttle. As we had hoped, many physical and online stores are investing heavily in e-commerce and in the dissemination of their products and services through social networks, email marketing and internet ads. Everything indicates that Christmas this year will not be any different, but if you do not have an efficient e-commerce promotion strategy, you can take full advantage of social media marketing agency to sell more at Christmas. Check out six quick tips and put them into practice as soon as possible - remember, it's only a few days away:

1 - A picture is worth a thousand words

Create Facebook albums and boards on Pinterest with product photos. It is highly recommended to pay more attention to those objects that have higher demands or best-selling at this time of year. It is also interesting to create personalized albums and boards, for example: if you have a women's clothing store, create one for sweaters, another for skirts, and for accessories, and so on. The public, especially the female, interacts much more with posts containing rich, well-crafted images that can be made even by cell phone. Videos can also help your client sell more on Christmas, if you have a YouTube channel post product reviews, tips videos and even step-by-step.

2 - Replace promotion by relationship

Use social media platforms to entertain and build relationships with influencers, do not waste time trying to sell in the traditional way. The social consumer smells the distance advertising and does not trust this type of traditional selling post. On the other hand, the testimony of consumers online is very well accepted. Encourage consumers to leave their impressions in comments or messages and strengthen the relationship with them so that they become indicators of your store or business.

3 - Monitor the word Christmas on Twitter

If your serve consumers in a particular region, you can use different tools to monitor the profiles that tell you about Christmas in your tweets. You can even tweet something by saying that post was thought especially for that person who mentioned something about Christmas. Another interesting action is to create one or more special hashtags to be used in every tweet that relates to Christmas.

4- Pay attention to Instagram

Encourage followers to post photos of your products and create a unique hashtag for your brand on Christmas as well as Twitter, and encourage them to leave comments on your photos. If you have a physical business, use a special Christmas decoration for photos, with tags and accessories such as Santa's beard and cap. This will involve the client and make it comfortable to post photos and videos on Instagram while you're there.

5 - Focus on the network that is worth more

Facebook still leads social networks, so you cannot put it aside, but it's interesting to define what actions are most important in other networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and others. Find out which networks are commenting on the type of product or service you offer. Search social networks to understand which are the most relevant to your business at this time of year. Be prepared to act where the consumer is. This strategy will help your customer to sell more over Christmas and reduce unnecessary spending.

6 - Coupons on social networks

The good side of using discount coupons in your store, is that you can apply it in several ways! How it works: You choose a discount, you create a beautiful art, you define a validity period for the coupon (super important) and publish it on your social networks. The purpose of publishing the discount coupon on social networks is to lead different people to get to know about your promotions.

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