Why Do You Need Cloud-Based Learning Management System In Your Organization?

Today, organizations have more challenges and demands to deliver on the lines of their promises that, too, in the backdrop of extreme competitive environment. It is not easy to provide the real value to customers’ money anymore. So, professionals need to be more creative, more informed, more productive, and more advanced in their approach towards delivering quality products and services.

It has been one of the foremost objectives of organizations to enhance professional development and education of employees because it can make a significant impact on their (organizations’) value proposition. Which is why an integrated cloud-based learning management system (LMS) could be a fitting answer for a strong professional development and education. This new-age online education, virtual classroom setting, social and mobile learning, and performance support can change the operations of any organization for better.

If you have been wondering whether a cloud-based LMS is going to greatly benefit your company, and wanting to incorporate one; then you are on the right track. You probably have your own apprehensions regarding switching to a new system; but let me tell you, there are several reasons why a cloud-based system is the best choice for your organization’s eLearning program.

What exactly is a cloud-based LMS?

Simply put, cloud-based learning management systems are web-based applications used by companies to deliver, track and report about online courses meant for the professional development of their employees. Since the learning takes place online and there is no need of installing hardware or software, the resulting data is stored in the cloud. Today, many effective online course platforms are being provided by certain companies, which they are hugely making profits from.

A cloud-based solution can automate your entire training program, including course delivery, registration, assignments, course completion and much more. Using an LMS needs low startup costs with virtually no onsite internal support requirements. It differs from traditional LMS software applications in that the latter require in-house installation on your organization’s IT servers with a need for on-going maintenance.

Why do you need cloud-based LMS in your company?

Also being referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service) LMSs, cloud-based learning management systems are extremely helpful towards improving organizational performance and improving employee satisfaction. In addition to this, the following are more compelling reasons as to why you should use Cloud-based LMS in your organization:

1. It offers ease of access

Having a cloud-based LMS in your company will give an easy and unlimited access to your employees to the information and other course materials that they need. With anytime, anywhere access through the internet, your employees can learn when and where they want. They can log in to the learning platform through their smartphones and tablets, without actually waiting for their next online training session. It is also essential for global audiences belonging to different time zones.

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2. It provides a centralized platform

The most pertinent reason for having a cloud-based LMS is the fact that it provides a centralized learning platform where all training and development materials, resources, curriculum, and test & assessment results can be stored at a single location. This centralized source of information can give a huge boost to the development, training and performance of the employees because the course materials can be offered to multiple users anytime and anywhere from the same source. It can also incorporate multiple features that are essential for excellent delivery of various learning modules. Furthermore, a centralized platform ensures consistency in the modification, delivery and evaluation of all types of study materials.

3. It fulfils company’s ever-evolving training needs

One of your main objectives behind running the company is to expand it as well. So, as and when it expands, the cloud-based eLearning platform will also expand right along with it. You wouldn’t have to purchase and install additional hardware or software because the cloud training solution will consistently meet the growing demands of your organization. This will also be extremely helpful for those companies which frequently update their products or policies, especially those who need to incorporate compliance procedures.

4. It is fully scalable

Even if the strength of your organization has grown from hundreds to thousands, cloud-based LMS is fully scalable to meet your new needs. In general, the scalability of any system is its ability to handle the growing amount of work or its ability to accommodate the increased growth. So, a good learning management system is the one that seamlessly adapts to the changing needs of your training programs. Being scalable means your LMS can easily manage a large amount of data, can manage and organize users in different branches, and can allow them to connect from anywhere in the world without delay.

5. It provides comprehensive reporting and analysis

Using a cloud-based learning management system will allow your organization to collect, analyze and evaluate learning data for more comprehensive development of your employee development. Other than reporting on individual employee progress and their learning outcomes, the statistical analysis capability of LMS can also highlight the success of individual courses, or it can highlight where courses require improvement.

Final Words

There are many more benefits of using cloud-based learning management system for your organization that can go beyond the professional development and education of your employees. However, not all cloud-based LMSs are equal and you have to look into their robustness, reliability and performance. Nonetheless, going for an effective cloud-based learning management system is certainly a profitable proposition to sustain.

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