7 Web Development Tricks to Boost Conversion in 2018

In the era of developing IT technologies, amount of information in the internet is growing up, user`s interaction with websites is getting shorter, and their requirements for web pages are becoming higher. So owners of online businesses can’t stand aside simply watching what is happening. They need to keep up with the times in order to be competitive and successfully develop their online shops.

The eternal question of every e-tailer is how to boost conversion rate, and this article covers the topic revealing 7 useful tricks in web development.

1. Custom Web Design

Rumors have it that canned web design will be forgotten by the end of 2017. Or not? As we can see, templates are still alive and well but companies will find the benefits of custom websites designed specifically for their audience. Stock photos and templates aren't enough to satisfy online users. Instead of these, original drawings and images, user-oriented design and icons are welcome to implement. For example, interface of a catering site for millennials definitely shouldn`t duplicate a website for elderly ladies, no matter how beautiful it is.

The better you focus on your target audience, the more specific will be their preferences. The trick is that being aimed at narrow group of people things have more chances to become popular (or even viral if we talk about content).

2. Motion UI

Animation, video, GIFs came to our life a long time ago. They are widely used to quickly create CSS transitions and animations in order to improve website usability. The latest version of Motion UI is equipped with an animated group service system, flexible CSS templates that have extended capabilities for a full transition and is able to work with all kinds of JavaScript animation libraries. We are more than confident that mobility will completely replace static images. If you look though several websites of famous startups you will definitely mention the tendency.

In fact, video plays a significant role for e-commerce business. Placed on landing pages, it can increase conversion by 80%. Video advertising increases purchase intention by 97% and brand visibility by 139%.

3. Customer Support Bots

Simple web pages have ceased to be popular, they are becoming more and more interactive. After a while our online life will be so simplified by various interactive assistants that we don’t have to strain our brains. Now bots are widely used in different apps and sites, whether it's Facebook, Telegram or WeChat, and this is just the beginning. Everyone knows Slack App for corporate communication, and there you can also meet a bot greeting you, asking your name and immediately inserting it into your profile. In short the era of bots is coming up. What is more, creating your own chatbots has never been easier – Google will show you lots of options, both free and paid.

4. Mobile First

“Mobile First” is a slogan of modern times. Lots of people search for information in the internet, send messages or make calls using mobile devices at least once a day. And this process should be as convenient as possible. If you are an e-commerce owner who has never heard about responsive website, it's time not only to learn more about this notion but also apply it to your online shop in order to provide your potential client the best services. This is a must-have in the world of web design and development; and in addition, it will help you save money on mobile application development. Also, Google promises to change its approach to ranking of websites with mobile versions placing them higher to the top. So it’s better to hurry up!

5. One-Page Website

Are you embarrassed by websites that consist of many pages with incomprehensible information? Do not worry, the era of one-page sites is just around the corner. This type of site is very popular among large companies. They are more convenient to use, and it is easier to find the information required by a user who visit the site with a specific purpose. What is more, it’s cheaper to build a one-page website for business purposes.

6. Java Script

JavaScript remains the most popular programming language despite its drawbacks. Even so perfect MacOS uses it. Moreover, MacOS frontend libraries, such as Angular, Node, React, are rapidly reaching popularity as well as some smaller libraries. Not surprisingly, Javascript has become an integral part of a standard stack for web development, along with HTML and CSS. And this fact speaks for itself.

7. Parallax effect

Nowadays this technology is used more often because it looks really impressive and cool. This is the best way to add layers to a site, also it can be used to add stunning 3D effect. The main disadvantage of parallax is issues with site performance. It looks nice and stylish, but if created in Javascript/jQuery, the parallax greatly reduces loading speed. However, this option can be used on one-page websites: this feature will make it recognizable for your customers.

So, to sum up, conversion rate nowadays greatly depends on design and web development solutions. This article lists only the most basic trends aimed at making the process of web sites more attractive for online users, and will definitely help make your website more unique.

Author name: Julia Kravchenko

  Modified On Nov-29-2017 07:22:32 AM

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