Abstract: According to research the Schools which have good communication network between administration, teachers, students and parents are better than other schools.

Content: Good communication is a key to a successful organization. This is applicable for home, school and office environment. General communication is defined as imparting of information by writing or talking or by any other means. 

Here are 6 communication habits of a great school:
1.    Communication via Newsletters, Social Media and Blogs:

Great schools communicate with their students and parents, for example via newsletter or emails or forums about an upcoming event and ask for their feedback and ideas regarding this issue. The parents can also communicate with the teachers via email for any queries or write their comments on the social media forums and share information.  Such two way communication is important to have a healthy and comfortable environment within school setup where students will not hesitate in approaching their teachers for any problems and will participate actively in class activities. 

2.    Communicating Goals and Targets:

A good school has specific culture and values which should be respected by every individual in the school. The school should share its ambitions and goals with the parents and teachers so they can work together to achieve it. For instance the school can communicate the importance of student performing community and voluntary services for the betterment of the community through emails, blogs and newsletters. The parents and the teachers can encourage the children to take part in such activities. The great culture of the school is recognised by all the members of school, this gives it a special recognition in a community. 

3.    Good Communication with the Parents:

Understanding and cooperating parents are blessing to a school setup. This can be achieved by taking parents under confidence by keeping them posted about their child activities, school curriculum, holidays and school events. Once the parent is receiving all updates about their child they will be satisfied by the communication setup of the school and will share their communication skills with other parents. The satisfied parents can also be asked to write blogs or post about their experience on social media. Such post will be a source of inspiration for others and will bring popularity to school. Parents can also be provided with the test results of their child via email and they can be asked for assistance in their child areas of weaknesses. This type of communication can be helpful in bringing success to the student and good reputation to school setup. 

4.    Good communication by Customer Service of School:

Like any other organization schools are expected to respond to all the queries and problems within a limited time frame. A good, professional and friendly customer service needs a good communication, therefore the school which respond to their students, parents and families are said to have excellent communication habit which is appreciated by all and brings success to the school setup. 

5.    Communicating Leaders of a School:

The director, school coordinator, administrator, principal and assistant principal are the key people running a successful school setup. They are the main people who are expected to actively participate in school blogs and emails. A healthy and informative communication between them and the parents are always appreciated. In a reputed school the parents can communicate directly with the principal or the director via personal email to resolve an issue their child is facing in the school. Such communication is respected and valued by all the members of the school. 

6.    Communicating Rewards and Achievements:

A Great school communicates about their achievements and rewards proudly with the parents. So they can share the achievement and feel satisfied for choosing this school for their child. Individual achievement of teachers and staff members can also be shared on school blogs and via emails. The parents can also be informed about the safety check scores of the school and their training in first aid and emergency services.

Communication is the best method to join everybody on one platform, sharing of information and discussing success stories. Developing social media forums to share perspective and views of parents and students, applying those feed backs to bring a positive change to the school environment are all part of a great school. Advancement in technology has made communication even easier, now instead of sending letters at home the school can communicate with parents via emails, Twitter, Facebook and personalised Website. Many schools are now using applications like Story Park where teachers and parents can add pictures, write comments and share information and progress of their child. Such communication techniques can bring further success to a school reputation.

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