Freelance writer’s work is not only about sitting at home and writing in your pajamas (though such things definitely sound like a plus to many). Most of the time it’s also about learning how to find clients and to communicate with them, how to organize yourself, and how to create interesting and appealing texts, of course.

While freelance writer’s tasks don’t necessarily regard content marketing, most of the writers still know a lot about it – and can share their knowledge with you. Here are 6 things that help freelance writers and can improve your content marketing strategy.

1. The length of the text doesn’t always matter

Some say a good text should be up to 500 words in length, some think it shouldn’t exceed 1000 words, some believe that informative texts start at 1000 words. The reality, however, tells otherwise – usually, people read your article when they are good and quit reading them when they are bad.

When thinking about the length of your text, you should consider how much information you’re going to deliver on it in the first place. When the text is very detailed and the topic is research-heavy, 500 words indeed won’t be enough. However, when the topic is narrow and can be described quickly, there’s no need to struggle to try making it longer.

2. Good writing is concise writing

While the texts could be long or short, the writing needs to be as concise as possible. People like when they get what they come from – and they might feel disappointed if they have to struggle to get to the point of your article.

The writing can include personal stories, the introduction can (and should) be catchy – but you can achieve all this by using fewer words and focusing on choosing the right one to deliver your message.

3. Planning actually affects the quality of the content

The importance of a deadline is obvious: it guarantees that text will be finished when needed. But planning is not only about setting deadlines – it’s also about thinking about the topics, setting aside time to research, and so on.

Some texts are written quickly than the others because they’re easier to write. Some, however, require some extra work besides basic research and writing. An information supported by various statistical data and expert opinions, illustrated by images or infographics that aren’t found on the web but are made by your team is often valued more by the readers. But you won’t be able to come up with such content unless you plan it ahead thoroughly.

4. You should know the purpose of your content

Every content, like as compare and contrast essay topics for college, has its purpose: to entertain, to educate, to help solve a problem, to teach how to do something, and so on. When writing, it’s important to focus not only on the topic of your text but also on a problem it has to solve – and do everything to ensure that it actually solves this problem.

You’ve probably stumbled upon articles that seem to look interesting judging from a headline but actually contain no specific information, just vague thoughts on something without any concrete advice or proper conclusion. Remember what you’re writing for to avoid this.

5. Always know your audience

It’s hard to write a good text if you don’t know who are you writing it for. Knowledge of your target audience is important for many reasons, but when it comes to writing, it’s most important because it dictates the style you should pick.

If you know who your target audience is, you are able to tailor your writing style to their tastes, using specific words, being either formal or informal, etc. This also helps you make a better impact on the readers.

6. Save time for editing

We have so many tools to simplify the whole proofreading and editing process these days. However, none of these tools are just as effective as manual proofreading. Sure, they help to notice errors and to improve your grammar, but they are unable to analyze your texts as effectively as a person can, spotting all inaccuracies and logical flaws.

That’s why always save some time before a deadline to spend it on a thorough editing – or ask for a professional proofreader’s help in order to make sure that your writing is really strong and error-free.

Every content marketing strategy depends on the quality of the content a lot. By paying attention to the things listed above you’ll be able to make your content as strong as possible, reaching your marketing goals quicker.

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