Latest Fashion Trends that You Should Know

As stylists, we spend a lot of time shopping and styling clothing. Even when we are not looking at clothing, we probably think about it. And one of my favorite fashion pastimes is trend forecasting. Though 2018 was filled to the top with iconic fashion moments, 2019 is going to be a blast! Now, it’s time to look at latest fashion trends.
Let’s Look at latest fashion trends

1. Couple Pajamas
Let’s talk about various ways on how to accessorize your pajama outfits. If you have decided to wear a pajama set, then you should add your best accessories, so you look stylish and trendy. You can complete your look by adding sunglasses, elegant shoes, stylish bags and clutches, cool hats, beautiful lightweight scarves, etc. Remember to use elegant and stylish accessories, so you don’t look shabby or sloppy. Christmas is coming and you can wear couple Christmas pajamas to get you a trendy look.

2. Classic Checkered Fashion
At the end of 2018, Classic checks were trending heavily for women. Coming into 2019, they have also been adopted by men and are now appearing on everything from men’s trousers to jackets and even caps. To rock this look, try starting out with one statement checkered garment, such as a coat or blazer. Then, if you feel confident, consider adding a matching piece, like pants or a hat or bag.

3. Amazing Camels Cloth
When it comes to the colour you’ll be wearing the most this year of 2019, think of rich and warm shades of brown. The camel hues create quite the statement and appear surprisingly trendy & stylish when worn head-to-toe. If you do choose to rock camel all-over, just make sure that there is some difference in tone to break up the look. Alternatively, if you want to wear only one amazing camel piece, make it a tailored coat and pair it with neutral colours and simple designs, such as a white shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

4. Culottes
Culottes are tricky, especially with the length. Falling somewhere a boot cut and a full-on flicker, have evolved from last period's raw denim, double-tone or overstated variants to the almost jeans with wide legs this pre-fall time of year, and the length is hemmed just between the upper ankle and lower calf. Apart from the ankle-length, a higher, more notorious length is also going hot, and it will look best teamed with tall boots, largely taming the style.

Mixing Biggest two trends of the period full paints and culottes it’s a great idea to wear. The key is to find a pair that hits a few inches above the ankle and that is streamlined on the sides — no bunching or pockets, which can add bulk. Size up if you need to that give you so amazing trendy look.

5. Light up Fashion
Nowadays light up fashion is emerging as the new trend amongst the kids and teens. Specially, the boy’s light up shoes are on high demand. They look appealing to the kids and add a kick to their overall outfit. Anything which is colourful or attractive to the eyes is a favorite for the kids. The light up fashion is something funky and eye-gripping and thus a hit amongst the children.

6. Baggy Look
Last year clothes became looser and longer than they were the previous years. Last year, that trend is set to continue with oversized outlines dominating casual wear. To rock this, look the right way, remember that it’s all about striking the correct balance. As you don’t want to appear sloppy or as if you don’t know your size, it’s essential to ensure your oversized look is suitably smart. To do so, opt for high-quality fabrics and sophisticated styles that have merely had their proportions blown up.

For some reason, the word 'baggy' gets a bad rap, even though it can be fully stylish — one looks at the Olsen twins’ fashion and you'll see what we mean. These days, the best silhouettes are ones that hang off the body just so, the ones that are perfectly oversized and leave you looking effortless but undeniably elevated at the same time.  

7. Military Clothes   
Now a day’s military fashion gets in treading. Everyone is wearing military clothes like captains, soldiers, and lieutenants. Army influence looks grows fast every year and these treads help the fashion designer to inspiration in the military. This tread is not new it’s coming from old time, but military wear is back for another round in the world of fashion. And it has a different type of clothes are going on trends like army caps, cargo jeans, army leather jackets, and boots, etc.

At the End…
These were some of the funkiest looks that are going to rock 2019. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dress up all sexy and hot this year. Get on fashion’s cutting-edge right now with the trendy outfit ideas and shop the celebrity-approved dresses, pajamas, jeans, shirts, tops and jackets that will become your own wardrobe staples.

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