Since imparting of education is a procedure of skill development through education, those who fail to attain a targeted level of achievement often drop out from the system. Must the system try to retain this applicant? While sine argues against any cooperation on the product quality of educational institutions, other lends arguments to recall and safeguard the interests of lower-end set of examinees through administrative help.

MBA Program: New Technologies Of Learning

To support weak examinees to stay in the system with the help of administrative support, arguments are stretched at macro as well as micro level. The foundation of argument at the macro level is based on the need to use the resources invested in the examinees by enhancing the level of pass percentage and check the clogging of the education system by allowing re-appear or section in one of the papers.

The underlying premise of the argument at the micro level Is that a set of examinees does not perform well in a subject as they are sensitive to the skills imparted in the paper become unwell during the paper and have to prepare or attend a ordered state level or national event during or around a prioritized state level or national event during or around the examination dated, The need for administrative support to such a weak sub-set of examinees is, thus, sensibly advanced. Most of the Indian universities react to such arguments favorably and have, in fact, evolved a system of moderation of evaluation before the announcement of results.

Indian higher education in management has followed pattern of 2 year education. European Business schools offer 1 year program for those with work experience. There have been experiments in condensing period of MBA program new technologies of learning. This is happening in India. It will occur in India in the coming decade.

Business schools in the future will improve their intake and strengthen academic and physical infrastructure. Advance quality of education delivery system, and strengthen abilities to meet the rising expectations and demands from the market. It is likely that some Business schools will expand domestically by creating manifold campuses and some might go for campuses abroad, in all probability. The business schools which have mushroomed to meet the demand without creating abilities will also exit in the coming decades. Another choice for growing Online MBA program In India schools will be to forge effective networks among institutions inside the country and across the world.

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