Google Updates Its Search and Maps for Art Lovers

Google recently announced the latest updates in its Search and Maps to enhance the art search experience, in a bid to inspire art enthusiasts to brush up their knowledge.

All search queries that are related to art would now deliver more relevant results and an interactive knowledge panel and will allow users to dive deeper into their topics of interest.

7 little-known useful Google products & services

Many of us have heard about the Google's well-publicized moonshots: Smart contact lenses, self-driving cars, internet-beaming balloons, and more. While those products and services sound amazing, most of us can't use them till now. But the company actually has a cluster of many others that are incredibly useful that you might not even know existed. As an example, did you know Google has a massive free font library? Many of us not.

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Below are some of the under-the-radar services Google offers:

Google Keep

Google Keep is a wonderful notes and reminder app that works both on PCs and smartphones.


With the use of Timer, you can set a timer on Google itself and when time is up you’ll get an alarm to sound. You can set it by Googling any amount of time followed by the term “timer."

Google Sky

If you want to peep into the far away universe objects, is the best way that allows you to explore the far reaches of the universe using images captured from NASA satellite, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.

Google Books

Google Books nGram Viewer is a fun tool that lets you search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 so you can see how they've been used.

Google Input Tools

Similarly, Google Input Tools lets you type in over 80 different languages without having to download a special keyboard.

Google Scholar

If you are having difficulty in searching for a document on regular Google search, Google Scholar makes it incredibly easy for you to search for information in professional journals and papers.

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Google Art

Get your culture on by using Google Art Project to check out super high-res photos of artwork from the world's.

The company said in a statement, Google has also added a new feature enabling a panoramic view that gives key insights about the art-works on virtual museum visits.

With more than 500 million art-related searches on Google, the Google Arts and Culture team worked with Google Search engineers to improve systems understanding in recognition of art-works.

Google has also introduced new updates with the use of machine learning, to Maps in order to enhance your virtual tour experience and make it more informative.

"Now as you walk through the rooms of the museums on Google Maps, you'll see clear and useful annotations on the wall next to each piece," the company said.

The users will also be allowed to zoom into high-resolution imagery, getting them closer to iconic works.

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