AdvancedContent builder extension for Magento 2 web store assists administrator to create a variety of differentcontent types such as Blogs, Landing Pages, Home page, FAQ, Documentation, Press release,Testimonials, Stores Locator,Team presentation, Lookbooks in few clicks.Similar to creating attribute sets for the product on a store, this extension facilitates you to make different content types using available data fields. Once you have created a content type, the extension will automatically generate a page without you having to setup a certain CMS page for it.
Create as many custom fields as you want: text, text areas, files, images, selection menus, and relation with products, attributes and other contents. Bind them to your content type, at any time.
Advanced Content builder extension for Magento 2
For more information about this extention, and how its features can improve your online store(s), be sure to access the live preview:
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