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CS5 Select Tools Shortcuts Keys

Shortcut Keys Shortcut Keys 
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CS5 Select Tools Shortcuts Keys


Move tool

m (shift+m)

Rectangular Marquee Tool (Elliptical Marquee tool)

l (shift+l)

Lasso tool (Polygonal Magnetic Lasso tool)

w (shift+w)

Magic Wand tool (Quick Selection tool)

c (shift+c)

Crop tool (Slide tool, Slide Select tool)

i (shift+i)

Eyedropper tool (Color Sampler tool, Note Tool, Count Tool)

j (shift+j)

Spot Healing Brush tool (Healing Brush tool, Patch tool, Red Eye tool)

b (shift+b)

Brush tool (Pencil tool, Color Replacement tool, Mixer Brush tool)

s (shift+s)

Clone Stamp tool (Pattern Stamp tool)

y (shift+y)

History Brush tool (Art History Brush tool)

e (shift+e)

Eraser tool (Background Eraser tool, Magic Eraser tool)

g (shift+g)

Gradient tool (Paint Bucket tool)

o (shift+o)

Dodge tool (Burn tool, Sponge tool)

p (shift+p)

Pen tool (Freeform Pen tool)

t (shift+t)

Horizontal Type tool (Vertical Type tool, Type Mask tools)

a (shift+a)

Path Selection tool (Direct Selection tool)

u (shift+u)

Rectangle tool (Rounded Rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, Line tool, Custom Shape tool)

k (shift+k)

3D Object Rotate tool (Roll, Pan, Slide, Scale tool). PS extended only

n (shift+n)

3D Camera Rotate tool (Roll,Pan, Walk, Zoom tool). PS extended only


Hand tool


Rotate View tool


Zoom tool


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