A break from the busy life and enjoying some days off in a tropical retreat is the perfect holiday idea for many people. But not everyone can find time easily to visit their travel agent. Another solution is searching for your dream holiday destination on travel websites. Chances are you’ll be overloaded with the sheer amount of data and won’t be able to decide quickly. That’s where mobile apps come handy. The scope of mobile app development these days is not just limited to business, gaming or entertainment apps but also there are quite a few travel apps too.

Travelling abroad or even to a remote location in your own country can comprise of the following 5 steps that now I will describe and the corresponding apps so that you can plan everything from the ticket to the hotel right at your fingertips.

Flight Bookings

Once you have decided about which location to go, the next logical step is to book a flight to reach your destination. There are many apps through which you can complete this step briskly like Expedia, Cleartrip, Cheapflights, Skyscanner, Kayak, etc. All of these apps offer a user-friendly interface with easy way to compare prices of all the airlines and destinations. Be sure to check the bank offers/discount schemes so that you can save some serious bucks.

Organizing your Travel Plan

The next step is, of course, organizing your travel plan. It is mostly related to the paper work; keeping Passport, Visas and other permits like fishing and hunting ready. You don’t want to search frantically for these documents at the eleventh hour. Google trip is a famous app which you can use to organize your travel. It also offers information about the nearby attractions from your destination with an option of downloading all the information at once for offline use. The section of food, drinks and day plans are also very popular with travelers around the world.

Hotel Bookings

While many flight apps have hotel booking options too but dedicated hotel booking apps are much more detailed. One of the most popular one is Trivago. With its simple interface, you can either type or voice search the hotels in and around your destination. You can easily select check-in/check-out date and the type of room. Airbnb is another famous one with added advantage of renting out bungalows, flats, etc. which can be cheaper too. So there are multiple options regarding mobile apps in this category too.

Getting Ready

Mobile apps like Packpoint can be your perfect companion in making sure you leave your home with everything needed for the trip. The app remembers everything and help you to create a to-do list to solve any issue. Select an activity or trip location and leave the rest to this app.


Getting the advice about sightseeing is another issue which can be a problem if you are visiting a place for the first time. Tripadvisor tops the list with Lonely Planet also close behind. You can read expert advice from avid travelers and actual people who have visited the place so that your trip will be a memorable one.

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