Things to know about Alexa ranking

How Alexa rank actually determined?

The algorithm for calculating Alexa traffic ranking is simple. Alexa ranking is obtained by performing the geometric mean of reach and page views, averaged over a predefined period of time (three months).

The reach refers to the number of Alexa users who visit a particular site in one day. Page view, as its name shows, is the total number of times a particular page (URL) is viewed by Alexa users. 

Lower the Rank, higher the reputation

The global rank and rank in a specific country will let you know how your website is popular relative to all other websites over the past three months. If the website is ranked less than 1,00,000, then it is a sign of  having heavy traffic.  

Is it really important?

Alexa ranking is a good tool to have in view of search engine optimization. Alexa rank is the only metric which gives high importance next to Google Page Rank. The only metric which is available to track the growth of the site is Alexa Rank. There are many other metrics as well like Moz Rank, Domain Authority, page authority, Quant cast etc. But these are updated once in a month, whereas Alexa rank is updated daily. 

Nowadays the reputation and popularity of the blog are measured by its Alexa rank. Advertisers also give importance to Alexa Rank and websites with good Alexa rank gets more Banner Advertisements and Sponsored Posts. 

The Alexa rank is calculated by not only considering the traffic but also other factors. The website with regular updates, good quality post, and unique content will have a good Alexa rank. An Even website with constant traffic routes will also have a better Alexa rank. 

Get Traffic from Bloggers, Web Masters, and Tech People

Alexa Rank will boost faster if you get traffic from the bloggers, webmasters, and techy people. That means the blogs related to Blogging, Technology will have a better Alexa Rank compares to the blogs which are not related to Tech Stuff. To get traffic from bloggers and webmasters you have to be very creative. 

The best ways to get traffic from bloggers and webmasters are:

Be Active on Social Media

•     Try to be active on Facebook groups where bloggers are active. Build trust and authority, then share your content and drive some traffic via these groups.

•     Drive a lot of high-quality traffic to your blog/Website by taking advantage of google plus where Webmasters and SEO Experts are active.

•     Write the blogs about content writing, blogging tips or share your blogging experience to get high traffic from bloggers.

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