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The ecosystem of people creating and selling both at a single stop helps customers find best fit products and marketplace owner earns some big bucks through collecting fees from vendors. Magebay brings this whole concept of allowing multiple vendors to sell at your store and setting up desired amount of commission through Magento Marketplace extension. The extension helps marketplace owner manage multi vendors, their products, orders and provides vendors convenience of handling products, shipping and other stuff.

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Why choose Magebay Magento Marketplace extension:

Benefits and features for Admin:

  • Option to enable or disable vendor registration. It is useful when marketplace owner doesn’t want more vendors to register.

  • Option to set vendor approval mandatory for registration.
  • Registered vendor can be assigned automatically to selected customer group.
  • Option to set theme for vendor panel frontend. Compatible with all Magento themes.
  • Option to set vendor and admin logo for login page.
  • Set background image for vendor panel to make it look eye catchy.
  • Option to set copyright text in footer.
  • Compatible with extension BKP (Booking System Pro) & PDC (Product Designer Canvas)
  • Enter custom CSS for vendor panel if required.
  • Admin can create and assign products to any vendor from backend.
  • Admin can set mandatory product approval for vendors.
  • Select default Magento product types to allow vendors add.
  • Set maximum product limit per vendor.
  • Set all or specific categories under which products can be assigned.
  • Set allowed link and sample formats for downloadable products.
  • Proper commission distribution by setting commission amount in two ways:
    • In Percentage
    • Fixed Amount
  • Enable or disable vendor registration and marketplace link in frontend.
  • Set vendor registration title text to encourage vendors register and sell with you.
  • Option to set marketplace link title text from backend.
  • Set banner, description for marketplace page in frontend.
  • Set image height and width both for grid and list view of shop listings.
  • Set height-width for vendor logo, banner and upload placeholder image for both in vendor shop page.
  • Take SEO advantage of high rankings by setting meta title and description for marketplace page.
  • As multiple sellers offer numerous products in a single pool, product popularity get increased.
  • Admin can manage all the vendor transactions from “Manage Vendor Transactions”.
  • Admin can manage all vendor orders from “Manage Vendor Orders” grid in backend and pay for the pending payments.
  • Admin can pay some extra amount to the vendor or deduct some sort of charges from vendor account by means of adjustment fees.
  • Multi stores, multi currency and multi language support.

Benefits for Vendors:

  • Various registration Email notifications to vendors for:
    • Vendor Registration Approval
    • Vendor Registration Rejection
    • Vendor Registration Deletion
    • Vendor Store enabled
    • Vendor Store disabled
  • Various product related Email notifications to vendors:
    • Vendor Product Approval
    • Vendor Product Rejection
    • Vendor Product Deletion
  • Various order Email notifications to vendors for:
    • Order Placement
    • Order Cancellation
  • Responsive vendor panel for mobile views.
  • Dashboard contains graphical and systematic vendor panel view to get summary of whole vendor panel in a single page.
  • Convenient way for the Vendors can add product custom options like colors, sizes etc.
  • Vendors can easily manage their profiles and payments from vendor panel.
  • Vendors can even edit various profile information like public name, support information, social profiles, shop URL and many more.
  • Vendor can see profile completion progress bar and get notified for in frontend.
  • Two types of pricing supported: normal price i.e original product price and special price i.e discounted price for some specific time span
  • Vendor can analysis orders from various countries though a geographical area map from Analytics tab in vendor panel.
  • Vendor has two types of advanced reports in vendor panel:
    • Order Report- Shows No. of orders, items sold, grant total , commission fees and net earnings filtered status and time period.
    • Product Report – Filter report to get product name, sku, no. of items sold and grant total between specified date range.
  • Supports 3 offline payment methods for vendors:
    • Cheque/Money order
    • Bank transfer
    • Paypal


  • Support for seller vacation mode.
  • Chat support for admin and vendors.
  • Sellers to charge shipping per product.
  • Import export products for vendors

Upcoming Features:

  • Vendors can easily manage, ship orders from vendor panels

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