Technology has advanced and so has the way of utilizing it. Whatever we use these days whether it is Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etc. cannot work without the concept of cloud computing. The apps that are downloaded on Smartphone or tablet is done with the help of cloud computing only. The major advantage is that it doesn’t require any physical infrastructure. The only thing that is needed is the internet enabled device.

Cloud Clients
·         Laptop
·         Desktop
·         Smartphone
·         Tablet
·         Smartwatch



Today, cloud computing is being used by ecommerce companies for the individuals to know their products and buy it through the app that the consumer can download on their smartphones and buy the product while doing anything. That’s the only reason why mobile commerce is gaining momentum. These apps are DIY apps and they are designed in such a way that even a layman can use it on their own without much help. Companies like Myntra have closed down their websites and have made available their apps on the Smartphone only.

Information Gathering

Cloud computing has also helped many people to get information about anything with the help of Google, while sitting in the comfortable confines of their homes. Also students can enroll or subscribe themselves in ecommerce service companies like Toppr’s and gain all the knowledge without having to visit any of the tuition centers or brick and mortar coaching classes.

Business Experimenting

Cloud computing has also helped people to set up their online shops and operate it with minimum physical infrastructure and minimal cost involved. When the cost involved is low anyone can experiment with their ideas through pilot runs and see if their idea is working. If it works then they can invest more and go ahead with their ideas or else plan an easy exit strategy. So experimenting with feasibility study in the real-time online marketplace has also become easy and many people having a good business or service ideas are actually experimenting with as it seems cheap and affordable. This has also become the reason for mushrooming of so-many ecommerce companies which are providing various services to the people sitting at home, without the need of stepping out of the houses.

Netbanking and Mobile Banking

Earlier, for any banking transaction ranging from transferring money, cash withdrawal, checking the bank statement, we had to visit banks but nowadays due to facility of netbanking we can do many activities sitting at home. Not only that, banks are coming up with their apps so that banking is made easy for the public. So many banking activities like paying bills etc can be done very easily. Also anybody can withdraw money from the nearest ATM’s from anywhere globally, only they had to carry along with them their domestic or international credit cards. Also purchasing is made easy as one just needs to swipe their debit or credit cards for making payments. In some cases, if the card is lost then one has to get it blocked immediately through the customer care and can get issued a new card immediately. So the banking has become completely electronic, thanks to cloud computing. These days mobile banking is also gaining popularity to make payments while making purchases.

Smart cities

Government is taking an initiative to build smartcities. Now what is smartcity? Smartcity is a city in which everything ranging from living, work, study and travel is to be managed electronically. This is happening in pieces but not together. All things clubbed together electronically form a smart city.


Education has also become digital. Teachers across the globe are connecting together to impart quality education to students even in remote parts of the world. E-learning is gaining lot of momentum and students are subscribing themselves through various websites to gain education sitting at homes. Also, the educational institutes are coming up with interesting digital ideas to make education on various topics available to students e.g. webinar, webcast, online coaching and tuition. The price one has to pay for subscribing is also very nominal. The students in rural areas who cannot afford to pay subscription fee can get their queries solved through sachets ranging from Re 5 to Rs. 100. Also many are using the concept of video compressing so that students can access videos even at speed as low as 64kbps as many students can’t afford high internet speed as it is expensive. E-books and e-encyclopedias are also available on these websites and these are replacing books and stationary across the globe.

Social Media

Social Media these days have become part and parcel of citizens’ life so much so that a term has been coined for these people i.e. Netizens. Social Media eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are being used by people in variety of ways eg. networking, uploading pictures, posting comments, Initiating a debate or discussion, online marketing of various brands by creating their Facebook page. All this can be done without the need of meeting anyone in person.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing can also be done in variety of ways viz. websites, emails, blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, SEO, SEM, social media etc.

Customer Relationship Management

Software as a Service (SaaS) is Customer Relationship Management software can be used only by paying a subscription fee   either monthly or yearly. Companies use this software to maintain a database of the customers on the cloud with the help of SaaS software. They don’t need to buy software for this purpose.

Deployment Models


     I.        Private Cloud

Private Cloud is operated only within one particular establishment.

   II.        Public Cloud

Public Cloud is when the services are provided over a network open for public uses

 III.      Hybrid Cloud

Combination of private and public cloud, while both remaining as separate entities.

As we can see that all the above listed activities can be performed and improved only due to the advent of cloud computing which can make people’s life easier and make many things available and achievable only by sitting at home while working on smartphone, laptop, tablet and smartwatch etc. Also multiple users can log in together at any particular time without any hassle.

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