Most of the time mobile developer is considered responsible for the failures. Mobile App Developers must take enough care while implementing a mobile application. In particular, engendering an app for an organization’s brand, product or service needs extra efforts and supplemental attention. Mobile Apps are used as one of the paramount marketing tool for any product or service. It might help in building/eradicate the brand equity and brand adhesion, according to its performance. Additionally, further attention is needed when developing some critical apps like banking app since it is very arduous to convince clients regarding the security of such apps. Cumbersomely hefty Advertising should be avoided on apps like banking since; frequently popping up of ads during the course of a transaction might frighten the users regarding their personal banking security.                                         

App developers are the first and foremost person who is considered to be responsible for the failure of a mobile application. There are many causes which include lack of knowledge expertise in terms of app development, minimal resources, minimum/no knowledge of user demands and expectations, no knowledge of target audience, and lack of communication between developers of an app. Following mentioned points are are some suggestions that would aid developers to hold off from making bad apps.

Suggested Solutions:

•App Developers must follow the process oriented approach and techniques while implementing a mobile application. Though the procedure is sometimes time much consuming, it is easy to refer back to the process and rectify the app if any bug or errors are reported. A good design process on-boards the user during the first installation and enables them to personalize their experience, thereby forcing some investment and a more genuine and fitting experience on future visits. 

•Developers should accumulate and collect input and information from the consumers through surveys and other designates of research effort developing a good mobile app. In other words market orientation is of paramount importance. This process would avail developers to create apps that would integrate value to the clients and will withal eschew redundant apps. 

•Developers should possess adequate training and good enough practice before beginning to develop the app 

•Developers must use well known and certified tools during the development process of an app. Superior quality apps can be developed through effective tools. 

•Developers should also spend sufficient time on testing the apps with respect to security and performance and other criterion which will play a vital role in the success/failure of an app. 

•Developers can make use of many software management tools to plan their mobile app development activities. Efficient planning will help the developers to meet strict deadlines. 

•Developers should integrate user feedback into subsequent versions of the app to remove and rectify non-obvious blocks to sustained usage, so developers need to treat user queries and comments like high-valuable unpaid consulting opinions.

 •Small things such as push notifications and alerts should be used very carefully. They will keep the app top of mind when they are used responsibly to convey relevant content to the user. 

•Developers should avoid having rigorous and complex registration process. Many users return in between the process of downloading the app if the registration process is complex and consumes more time.

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