When Android was first introduced in 2008, it was considered as a poor relation to the much more stylish iOS on Apple iPhone. But quite quickly, through diverse handset offers that struck a chord with both the practical price-conscious as well as the fashion-conscious and tech-hungry consumers, Android user numbers exploded. Now, after seven major releases, the annual sale of Android devices is increasing almost every year.

In software development industry nowadays, developing Android applications is one of the most rewarding things. Neatly putting together a prototype of an idea, designing it, and then willing to run with it as well wiring it up into a fully-fledged app is an exciting and extraordinarily rewarding process.

There are numerous reasons behind the growth and increasing popularity of trending android app development. Perhaps it is the fact that the platform is free and open. We can distribute our apps without requiring the permission of a big controlling corporation—“nobody can stop us!!” And at the meantime, we have the well-established, corporate-controlled mass markets such as Amazon App Store, Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Apps, as well as other smaller marketplaces.

More likely, the main reason behind developing for Android gives such a buzz is the nature of the devices. They are deeply personal. We can create apps that actually interact with people's lives. We can educate, entertain, connect, organize them, and so on. But it is there in our pockets ready to serve us in the home, workplace, or on holiday. Everyone uses them, from infants to old schools.

Android application development   is no longer considered geeky, nerdy, or reclusive; developing Android apps is considered highly skilful and really successful developers are hugely admired, even revered.

Developing for Android can make us a good living or even make us wealthy. With the constant growth of device ownership, the on-going increase in CPU and GPU power and the consistent evolution of the Android operating system (OS) itself, the need for professional app developers is only going to grow. In short, the best Android developers—and perhaps more importantly, Android developers with the best ideas—are in greater demand than ever.

Behind the scene, Android work on Linux based Operating system (OS) and uses Java Programming Language to make its apps respond, think, and communicate with users.  Java is the real magic which empowers android with Object-oriented features, robust design and secure environment. Although Android doesn’t understand pure byte codes but executes DEX (Dalvik executable) codes which runs on Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM).


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