It is powered by google search algorithms- Which are the best search algorithms. Results produced are relevant to the query. 

Our server does not need to bear the burden of search operation. Your server resources remain free to fulfill other request

Google provides free services of Google Custom Search Engine.

We can get share from Google’s revenue by connecting it with an AdSense account

We can customize the look and feel of the search box as well as search results.

We can setup the Google Custom Search Engine to search through multiple website of yours. This provides a seamless integration of search result and it may mean higher traffic to all your websites.

Now custom search available in a number of layouts-we will surely find the one that suits your website need.

Google keeps track of search queries and gives you all the analytic data. It helps you to understands what your users are looking for your website.

Superior search relevancy.

Advanced search features, including searching for videos and audio content as well as PDF, .doc and .pot files.

Easy and powerful search administration.

Easy integration into web sites.

Ad-free results.

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