Excel date functions and formulas can help you manage date related data and to transform boring looking data into meaningful graphs. This article will tell you four very simple date functions and how to use them using birthday tracking example.

First, create an excel sheet with some dummy data as below image.

Figure 1:

Birthday Tracking in Excel

Now, Steps are given below

Steps 1: First calculate Current month into current Month column using TODAY function as below


Figure 2:

Birthday Tracking in Excel

Step 2: Now calculate Employee’s birthday month as below


Figure 3:

Birthday Tracking in Excel

Step 3: Now check birthday month with current moth. If “Current month” value equal to “Month of Birth” then return yes as alert in “Alert” column as below image

=IF([@[Current Month]]=[@[Month of Birth]],"yes","")

Figure 4:

Birthday Tracking in Excel

Hence, Figure 4 display, two person’s birthday.

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