This article explain how to merge cells in excel. Using this feature we make our document more stylish and well format. You can merge two or more neighboring cells into one cell and display the contents of one cell in the merged cell. You can also merge the contents of several cells and display them in one cell.

Excel provides three ways to merge cells, which one by one described below.

Merge and Center

To merge a group of cells and center the text, you can also use the Merge and Center as below image.

Merge Cells in Excel

Now enter some text into merged cell and see output as below image.

Merge Cells in Excel

Merge Across

To merge a group of cells and across the text, you can use the Merge Across optionand see the output as below image. If you want to enter text into center then first select Merge and Center option then select Merge Across option.

Merge Cells in Excel

Merge Cells          

You want to display text into left-hand-side, not centered then select Merge Cell option in place of Merge & Center option as following image.

Merge Cells in Excel

Unmerge Cells

If you want to unmerge cells then simply select merge cells and choose Unmerge Cells option.

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    thx for the info .But am searching for C# method to merge excel cells just like what has demostrated by this artcle -How to merge excel cell in C# ,any way this is a C# Excel component based solution.
    Is there any artcle giving a introduction about this procedure by using Micro Excel Library?

    thx and rgds

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