This article is about enabling Java Script in Web Browsers when they are disabled. Running Java Script Programs on Browsers where Active scripting is disabled will not be able to run Java Script programs. Now a day’s all Modern Browser which are there in the market are coming with the built-in support for JavaScript, but sometimes we need to enable or disable it manually.

Following are the steps to manually enable or disable it in Internet Explorer:

1.       Open Internet Explorer, then go to tools menu

2.       Then choose internet options.

3.       Click on the Security tab.

4.       Click the custom level button.

5.       Scroll down till you we find the Scripting options button.

6.       Enable radio button under active scripting if it is disabled.

7.       Finally click on OK come out.

If we want to disable the Java scripting we will have to disable Active Scripting radio button.

Enabling JavaScript in Browsers

Steps for manually enabling and disabling Java Scripting in Mozilla Firefox:

1.                   Open Mozilla Firefox, and then go to Tools menu.

2.                   Select options from the menu.

3.                   Select content from the dialog box.

4.                   Check on the Enable JavaScript checkbox, after clicking on it click on OK and close it.

If we want to disable the Java Scripting we will have to uncheck the checkbox.

Enabling JavaScript in Browsers

Steps for manually enabling and disabling Java Scripting in Opera:

1.       Open Opera, then goto Settings>> Preferences.

2.       Then click on advanced option from the dialog box.

3.       Select Content from the dialog box which is there.

4.       Select enable JavaScript Dialog box.

5.       Then click on OK and come out of it.


Enabling JavaScript in Browsers


Steps for manually enabling and disabling Java Script in Google Chrome:

1.            Open Google Chrome.

2.            Click on "Customize and control Google Chrome" and select "Settings".

3.            In the "Settings" section click on the "Show advanced settings".

4.            Under the the "Privacy" section click on the "Content settings" button.

5.            When the dialog window opens, as shown in the example, look for the "JavaScript"     

               section and select "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) radio button".

6.            Click on the "OK" button to close it.

7.            Close the "Settings" tab.

8.            Now on your system Java Script is enabled. 

When you want to disable Java Script deselect the radiobutton.

Enabling JavaScript in Browsers


So we conclude here, after knowing the steps to enable java script in various browsers that are mostly used now days. Through this article we came to know the basic task of enabling Java Script.

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