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  • Equivalence Partitioning

    To actually start off the testing, it is good to have optimum test cases in place which not only cover all the desired features but also are sufficien...

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  • Black Box Testing

    Black box testing also known as functional testing or behavioraltesting treats the system as a “black-box”, so it doesn’t explicitly use Knowledge of ...

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  • Best practice of testing

    Once a bug is fixed by a developer, it needs to be retested to ensure that it works as specified and that it has not negatively impacted any function...

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  • Acceptance Testing

    Once the application is ready to be released the crucial step is User Acceptance Testing....

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  • Life Cycle of Testing Process

    This article explains about Different steps in Life Cycle of Testing Process. In Each phase of the development process will have a specific input and ...

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  • TSL function

    TSL stands for “Test Scripting Language”. The test scripts are written in Test Scripting Language in win runner....

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  • Testing Metrics

    Market is full of software testing metrics. Different companies are creating this demand. What is tool anyway and why is it in such demand? The reason...

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  • Usability Engineering

    Usability Engineering, studies the human interaction and cognitive behavior of an individual with respect to performing as task. It could be as simple...

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  • Bug life cycle

    Bug can be defined as the abnormal behavior of the software. No software exists without a bug. The elimination of bugs from the software depends upon ...

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