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What is LightSwitch?

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is the simplest way for developers of all skill levels to develop business applications for the desktop and cloud....

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What is J2EE?

Java 2 enterprise edition (J2EE) is the official Java framework for enterprise application development. The J2EE platform consists- of a set of servic...

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Super method in java

It is a keyword in java used to access members of a class inherited by the class in which it appears. Super method is use to transfer the message or d...

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HTML Character Entities

Some characters are reserved in html. For example, you cannot use the greater than or less than signs within your text because the browser could mista...

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a language for describing web pages. HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language (...

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HTML Frames

With frames, we can display more than one HTML document in the same browser window. Each HTML document is called a frame, and each frame is independen...

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Access Specifier in java

Access specifier is a mechanism which restricts user to access the data to different classes. Java provides three types of access specifier. Public: ...

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Enterprise java beans(EJB)

EJB is a specification, which provides server side applications that communicate with remote clients to provide a given processing function. By defini...

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The Console Class

The console class provides access to the standard input (keyboard), standard output (screen) and standard error (screen) streams. These applications t...

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Transactions in database

A transaction is a group of events that occur between any of the following events:Connecting to databaseDisconnecting to databaseCommitting changes to...

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