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  • Form Handling in PHP

    Information sent by the user are visible to everyone (all name and values are displayed in the URL). So, GET method cannot be used to send sensitive i...

PHP  Handler 
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  • Loop in PHP

    Loop is used when we want to execute a same code for several times. In PHP we have 4 types of loop:...

PHP  Loop 
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  • We have covered how to persist the object state to a disk file. In many situations, the classes in a program evolve over time....

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  • A Serializable object may contain references to other objects. We may be wondering if we serialize an object, whether the nested objects are also seri...

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  • The StreamTokenizer is another very useful class that parses an input stream into tokens. This class is not derived from InputStream or OutputStream. ...

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  • So far we have been using System.out to print messages to the console. Java SE 6 added a Console class to enhance and simplify command-line applicatio...

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