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SQL Constraints

Constraints are used to apply some rules for the record in a table. If any rule is violated between constraint and data, then the action is aborted by...

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SQL Queries

In previous article we have discussed about SQL and some queries. In this part we will continue on SQL Queries:...

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Introduction to SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The structured query language is used to manipulate and access the databases. SQL is an ANSI (American Natio...

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SQL Functions

These functions return a single value, calculated from the values in the column.Scalar functions return a single value, based on input data. Following...

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Form Handling in PHP

Information sent by the user are visible to everyone (all name and values are displayed in the URL). So, GET method cannot be used to send sensitive i...

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Loop in PHP

Loop is used when we want to execute a same code for several times. In PHP we have 4 types of loop:...

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Functions in PHP

A function is a piece of code which takes input in the form of parameter and process these parameter and returns a value...

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