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“Never regretted what I did getting better day by” “Love to pour my heart out on "YourViews” Blogger/content developer at MindStick Software Pvt. Ltd. Hey, Yes you….. you had a bad experience hmm? Just wanna tell you got stronger mate….!
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  • Content Curation and its tools

    Content curation is basically an act of discovering, finding, obtaining and sharing a particular existing content with your fans or followers online....

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  • Google Assistant

    Similar to Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple SIRI google launched its very own Google assistant in the year 2016. Google assistant can be also considered ...

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  • Cortana

    Cortana is one of the most sophisticated virtual assistant created and designed by Microsoft Corporation....

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  • Future of digital marketing

    Looking through some reports over the web I found that there are over 450 million Internet users in India. This ratio simply represents how strong the...

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  • What makes quantum computers special?

    These days you have been listening up so many stories regarding quantum computing and what they are capable of so if you are among one of them then th...

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  • Is investment in Bitcoin Safe?

    Well, investment in bitcoin is not a bad deal these days as the prices of a single bitcoin is day by day increasing and currently....

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