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Type Hinting in PHP

Type Hinting is a technique that hints the function to accept only given data types. In PHP we can use type hinting for array, object and callable dat...

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Object Cloning in PHP

Objects are inconstant, that means object has capability to change the state of information. In object oriented PHP programming, there can be a situat...

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Method Chaining in PHP

Method chaining is a technique in which methods are put together one after the other. For example you have a class employee and have three methods lik...

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Static Method and variable

Static method in PHP is very useful features. Static function and variable breaks a lot of power available to 0bject oriented programming. These metho...

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Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is the one of the most important concept in object oriented programming. Inheritance is used to share properties and method between the re...

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Visibility in PHP

In this article we will focus how to deal with Visibility in PHP. Visibility is a big part in OOP. The concept of visibility is the scope of class mem...

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Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming uses different set of programming language as compared to older procedural programming language(like Pascal, C, etc)....

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MapReduce Driver Class:

Although the mapper and reducer implementations are all we need to perform the MapReduce job, there is one more piece of code necessary in MapReduce: ...

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Abstract class in C#

A Method without any method body is known as an abstract, what the method contain only declaration without any implementation & should be declare by o...

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