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iOS : Collection View Controller

The UICollectionView class manages an ordered collection of data items and presents them using customizable layouts.

By Nigel Bunyan posted   3 days ago

iOS : Navigation Controller

A Navigation Controller is a special kind of view controller that manages a stack of view controllers and their corresponding views. It's an ideal way to display hierarchical data.

By Jennifer Morgan posted   5 days ago

iOS : Core Data Framework

Core Data is a framework Apple provides to developers that is described as a "schema-driven object graph management and persistence framework."

By Derek Honeybun posted   10 days ago

iOS : SQLite engine

SQLite is a database that can be used by apps in iOS is called SQLite, and it’s a relational database...

By Tarun Kumar posted   11 days ago

iOS : Notification

Notifications give people information and functionality that’s important right now. People can get notifications in various contexts, such as on the lock screen, while they’re using apps, and when they visit Notification Center....

By Tarun Kumar posted   12 days ago

iOS : IBAction of UI element

IBActions are methods that are called when some action is taken...

By Nigel Bunyan posted   15 days ago

iOS : IBOutlet of UI element

An IBOutlet connection is usually established between a view or control and its managing view controller...

By Tarun Kumar posted   15 days ago

iOS : UIView class of UIKit Framework

View class defines a rectangular area on the screen and the interfaces for managing the content in that area. At runtime, a view object handles the rendering of any content in its area and also handles any interactions with that content.

By Tarun Kumar posted   15 days ago

iOS : UIKit Framework

UIKit Framework provides the UI related classes and related utilites...

By Glen Martin posted   15 days ago

Objective-C Foundation Framework

The Foundation framework defines a base layer of Objective-C classes. In addition to providing a set of useful primitive object classes, it introduces several paradigms that define functionality not covered by the Objective-C language.

By Tarun Kumar posted   17 days ago

Objective-C : Attributes of @property Directive

@property offers a way to define the information that a class is intended to encapsulate...

By Felix Pickles posted   18 days ago

Objective-C : Posing

Objective-C permits a class to wholly replace another class within a program...

By Glen Martin posted   18 days ago

Create custom toast notification in android

In Android, Toast is a notification message that pop up, display a certain amount of time, and automatically fades in and out.

By Manoj Pandey posted   19 days ago

Objective-C : Data Encapsulation

Encapsulation is an important concept in object-oriented programming. By using class methods to access data stored in object properties, we can separate how that data is returned from how it is stored internally.

By Jessica James posted   19 days ago

Objective-C : Memory management methods

Objective-C does not use garbage collection. Instead, it uses a reference-counting environment that tracks how many places are using an object.

By Felix Pickles posted   19 days ago

Objective-C : Macros

A macro is a fragment of code which has been given a name. Whenever the name is used, it is replaced by the contents of the macro.

By naomi burke posted   21 days ago

Objective-C Log Handling

NSLog method is used to print logs in ObjC.

By Derek Honeybun posted   22 days ago

Add custom control on Dialog in android

A dialog is a small window that prompts the user to make a decision or enter additional information. A dialog does not fill the screen and is normally used for modal events that require users to take an action before they can proceed.

By Manoj Pandey posted   23 days ago

Objective-C : Property and Synthesize directive

Objective C language provides default synthesis of those properties not declared @dynamic and not having user provided backing getter and setter methods.

By Tarun Kumar posted   25 days ago

Objective-C : NSAutoreleasePool class

An autorelease pool stores objects that are sent a release message when the pool itself is drained.

By Tarun Kumar posted   25 days ago

Objective-C : Overview

Here we will learn the Objective C Brief History...

By Tarun Kumar posted   26 days ago

Objective C : object creation method explanations

Here we will learn object creation methods and its explanations

By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

Objective C Data Type - Enum

Here we will see a different type of data type- Enum, that allows to a variable to holds predefined values...

By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

JAVA - Factory Pattern

Factory Method is known as a creational pattern - it's used to construct objects such that they can be decoupled from the implementing system.

 Java Java 
By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

JAVA : Singleton Pattern

The Singleton's purpose is to control object creation...

 Java Java 
By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

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