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Software Product Development in India

While the software market is booming in India which results a highly successful economic growth in the IT sector, its rapid growth in recent years has been achieved by firms mostly providing customized offshore software development and maintenance services to its clients.

By zack mathews posted   3 days ago

SQLite- Triggers

SQLite Triggers is a sql series of sql statements that are executed automatically to perform/invoked when a specified database event occurs, such as creation or updating record or deletion of record/table.

By Tarun Kumar posted   12 days ago

WebView in Android: Display Local Assets

WebView is also quite useful in displaying local content to take advantage of either HTML/CSS formatting or the pan/zoom behavior it provides to its contents.

By Mayank Tripathi posted   16 days ago

WebView in Android: Display a URL

In Android, WebView is a view widget that can be embedded in any layout to display web content, both local and remote, in your application.

By Mayank Tripathi posted   17 days ago

Glob operator of SQLite Database

GLOB operator works like ‘like’ operator in database query, it also used wildcards for matching string values within patterns, if the expression can be matched to the pattern expression, the GLOB operator return true, which is equal to ‘1’

By Tarun Kumar posted   18 days ago

AND and OR Operators of SQLite

In this blog we will discuss about SQLite AND and OR operators are that are used to execute multiple conditions to narrow down the selected data in an SQLite statement. Both of these two operators known as conjunctive operators. AND and OR operators also used for making multiple comparisons with different operators with the same SQLite statement.

By Tarun Kumar posted   21 days ago


Now a days highly competitive online world, we’ll need the keep our brand and business on top. SEO is never an easy task but with the help of a few SEO tools, we can keep brand on the top and also keep our brand well-managed.

By ashish srivastava posted   21 days ago


The DETACH DATABASE statement is used to detach and dissociate a named database from a database connection which was previously attached using ATTACH statement.

By Tarun Kumar posted   24 days ago

How to send JSON data to server with http post request

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is an independent data exchange format and is the best alternative for XML. This chapter explains how to parse the JSON file and extract necessary information from it.

By Manoj Pandey posted   24 days ago

what is qlc in mnesia ?

QLC stands for Query List Comprehension used in Query Interface to Mnesia, ETS, Dets table by using qlc we can join multiple table and fetch data .

By Sunil Singh posted   24 days ago


The ATTACH DATABASE statement allows you to attach multiple database file to the current database connection.

By Tarun Kumar posted   28 days ago

RSS Submission

RSS Submission is the more powerful Rss feed tool. Rss submission the quickest and reliable way to submit to the Rss search engines

By ashish srivastava posted   one month ago

SQLite - CREATE table

In this article we are going to discuss about creating table using SQLite CREATE TABLE statement...

By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

Impact of Google Reviews in SEO

Getting positive Google reviews on our online profiles is one of the best activity we can do for our SEO and branding.

By ashish srivastava posted   one month ago

iOS: Web Services

Here we are going to know about the 'Web Services' in iOS, so as we know more and more mobile applications are dependent on the cloud in order to function properly (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, news apps etc.)

By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

Android Studio Vs Eclipse

Why Android Studio, because its very developer friendly like fast development, both from coding perspective and UI designing. Android Studio is a more intuitive framework for coding in Android. Eclipse is good for those who have been coding in that I

By Manoj Pandey posted   one month ago

What is mnesia?

Mnesia is a RDBMS. But it belongs to the nosql category of RDBMS. Reason being the query language is not sql but Erlang. That makes it very easy to store and retrieve without having to go through Object Relational Mapping.

By Sunil Singh posted   one month ago

iOS : SQLite Database is a Software Library

SQLite Database Engine is a software library that provides a Relational Database Management System similar to MySQL or Oracle.

By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago


• With the help of this SEO Topics we can improve website page rank and Website traffic

By Royce Roy posted   one month ago

Crawling Techniques

A web crawler is a way for the search engines and other users to regularly ensure that their databases are up-to-date. There are numerous illegal uses of web crawlers as well such as hacking a server for more information than is freely given

By Manoj Bhatt posted   one month ago

iOS : Collection View Controller

The UICollectionView class manages an ordered collection of data items and presents them using customizable layouts.

By Nigel Bunyan posted   2 months ago

iOS : Navigation Controller

A Navigation Controller is a special kind of view controller that manages a stack of view controllers and their corresponding views. It's an ideal way to display hierarchical data.

By Jennifer Morgan posted   2 months ago

iOS : Core Data Framework

Core Data is a framework Apple provides to developers that is described as a "schema-driven object graph management and persistence framework."

By Derek Honeybun posted   2 months ago

iOS : SQLite engine

SQLite is a database that can be used by apps in iOS is called SQLite...

By Tarun Kumar posted   2 months ago

iOS : Notification

Notifications give people information and functionality that’s important right now. People can get notifications in various contexts, such as on the lock screen, while they’re using apps, and when they visit Notification Center....

By Tarun Kumar posted   2 months ago

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