Life Insurance Corporation of India - Customer Services

LIC’s customer services ensure smooth operability for all their customers. This sort of access to help and care from customer care executives that customers here enjoy, has become a good model emulated by other insurance companies as well. The customer care contact is easily accessible from their website or provided along with their policy documents.

Encrypt and Decrypt Data with C#

In this article we are going to explain how to Encrypt and Decrypt website URL or Email Address in with example.

What is VPN hosting and should you use it?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is the virtual version of a physical web of computers.VPNs great options for home users and corporates alike is that they’re cost-effective. So setting up a VPN is a smart option for anybody.

ERP for Small Business: When and Where to Start

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Transforming Your Hobby Into a Business

As the gig economy flourishes, people are finding ways to make extra income. If you’re not interested in ride sharing or renting your home, don’t fret; the gig economy includes freelancers, independent contractors, and creative types.

Brainchild of Jean Claude Bastos de Morais, Fábrica De Sabão, is helping reduce poverty

The African continent is lagging behind in economy. Yet, it has a lot of potential to grow. Jean Claude Bastos de Morais, the founder of Quantum Global Group, says that the introduction of informal markets into the formal African economy

How to Write Articles of 50 and More a Day Quick and Easy

Most people who decide on writing articles don’t realize that they don’t have to come up with unique article content right off their head.

Technology every educational institute, retail store needs: Radio Frequency Identification

Alliance University, Bangalore, MBA students have implemented RFID system to create an attendance tracking system. This project was done in three phases. The first phase identified the relevant RFID technology.

Finding the Best Online Keno

The Most Popular Online Keno


Advantages of the Industrial Curtains for Dock

A lot of industrial facilities are having interior loading cocks; however, while overhead door is not closed and a truck is there in the dock, all the weather that is outside comes into facility.

4 questions to ask while you hire a web design company in Fresno?

Your website is your primary representative to your online audience. It has to be appealing enough to not only catch but also retain their attention -so they are compelled to delve further into your web pages.


Capable Homework Helper | College Homework Help

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Roadmap to Success : SAP Professional Certification Level


6 Apps for Writers That Are Actually Worth Downloading

Here are some six apps that are worth downloading for writers or content managers.

Should You Rely On An App for Your Ecommerce Business? Why & How

Why your business needs a mobile app is a frequently asked and answered the question on the web.

7 Must Known Facts of PPF 2018

PPF Scheme is one of the most favourable retirement saving instruments in the country.

Flexibility and Opportunity: Making the Gig Economy Work for You

Technology and the explosion of specialized, niche-based work have created an abundance of new opportunities for people who want to make a living as freelancers in what’s popularly known as the “gig economy.”

Know Benefits & Features of PPF Account

The Public Provident Fund is a long term investment option to mobilize small savings amount. It was introduced in India in 1968 under Public Provident Fund Act. One of the key PPF account benefits is that it is back by the Government of India.

Unit Linked Insurance (ULIP) Plan Premium Calculator

ULIP shares it market with numerous banks and insurance companies that provide insurance to its customers

Why Laser Therapy is Beneficial

It is said that people of all ages can get a huge benefit from low level laser therapy. This is very much effective in major or acute injuries and also in long term chronic conditions.


Here is why you should celebrate father days

Just like Mother’s Fathers are one of the best supporters of you. They do things for you even when you don’t support them for some reason. But, they do everything with a pure heart.

How to learn education of Time Tracking Software

People are now using different types of software. Each of them have a different purpose. The time tracking software is one of the variety which will help the users to keep a track on time.

5 elements of a Successful E-Commerce Website

If there is one type of internet entrepreneurship that is exactly what it says on the tin - then it is definitely e-commerce. It is the weirdest type of business all over Internet because there are no particular secrets of the craft. It is just that.

Get acquainted withthe steps that are necessary to write a research paper with the help ofEssay Writ

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Android searchView

It is a default control provided by the Android for developers. It is a part of widget which provides users to send requested query to the server side and get the required result


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