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Global attributes HTML 5

Posted by  Awadhendra Tiwari
on    July-23-2011 17:22 PM

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Global attributes HTML 5

The attributes listed below are supported by all HTML 5 tags.

HTML 5 global attributes

access key

Specifies shortcut key that can be used to access element.

<a href="http://www.mindstick.com/" accesskey="m">MINDSTICK</a>


We will use class attribute to specify css on element tag in html5.


Sets whether the user can edit the content or not. This is a boolean attribute. If true then user can edit content of element if false then user can not edit content of element. By default it is false.

<div contenteditable="true" style="width:300px;height:300px;overflow:auto;border:3px solid red">



This attribute specifies the context menu for an element in html5.


This attribute specifies the direction of the text for an element in html5.


This attribute specifies that users are allowed drag element or not.


This attribute specifies whether element should visible or not. This is a Boolean attribute.


This attribute specifies the elements identity that should be unique. On scripting language we can access element via this id.


This attribute specifies a language code for the content in an element in html5.


Specifies whether the element should have its spelling checked or not.


Specifies what happens when dragged items/data is dropped in the element.


Determine the tabbing order (when the user 'tabs' through the elements on the page).


Specifies extra information about an element


This attribute is used to apply css style on elements. We will used it as follows.

style="width:300px;height:300px;overflow:auto;border:3px solid red"



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